Monday, December 2, 2013


She sy porá, and the rest of my wonderful family as well (see bottom for translation),

Alright, this week... que paso... no recuerdo muy bien. time just FLIES.

So this week we had tons of rain. Going to ward council yesterday was fun. We live like 4 minutes from the capilla. So we left as it was just starting to sprinkle, it got worse, and by the time we got to the church, we were complete soaked. But hey, that's just Paraguay right? Oh and when we came home, our apartment was a little flooded because we forgot to strategically place the buckets, pots, and bowls around our house to catch the water from the leaks. But nothing was ruined, so todo esta bien!

This last week we had a zone conference! And not just like the monthly meeting with the zone. It was at the mission office with like 3 or 4 other zones, and we had a member of the 70 there! Elder Avila, de Argentina. It was so purete!! (Guarani for ´cool´- the missionaries use it all the time here) We learned about being guided in the work by the spirit and doing things the Lord´s way. How he wants it, not how we want it, because he knows better than we do. And then the other half was like major, spiritual pep talk thing. They shared a quote by Elder Holland that I really like that says ¨Salvation never was easy. It wasn´t for Him, it won´t be for us either." (something like that, mas or menos) and how the Lord is with us to bear us up. (it was a lot better than that but I have limited time and writing skills, so I can´t really do it justice right now.) Oh and they shared the thought that dad shared with me last week about how we can´t help people úp the mountain´(to salvation/Christ) without going there ourselves; taking the journey with them, etc. Muy poderoso, muy purete.

Next thing... So we´re having a little difficulty getting our investigators to come to church right now, BUT. tons of menos activos are starting to come back!! And the members are getting more excited about helping out with missionary work, and building each other up and doing home teaching and visiting teaching. So that's good (cuz seriously we have a ton of less actives here-gotta fix that).

Well that´s basically it. Except that we almost got attacked by dogs AGAIN on Wednesday, but I tried the ´pretend to throw a rock at it´ thing and it worked this time!! Elder Oscco (district leader) says we´re going to practice tomorrow in district meeting.. I´m not sure if he´s kidding or serious, but I wouldn´t be surprised if we did. haha

Oh and there are some weird sounding animals here. I´m not sure if they´re birds or frogs or what (did i tell you about the HUGE frogs here?) but its strange. I love it!

Anyway, eso no mas. Love you all hope everything is going splendidly!!

Until next week :)
Hermana Urie

p.s. o´ky (the y in Guarani is pronounced by shaping your mouth like you´re gonna say ´eeee´ and actually making an ´ooo´ noise) is Guarani for rain :)

She sy porá is Guarani for "my beautiful mother". The y is that same "ooo" sound and the á (supposed to be a squiggly line like ñ not ´ but I don't know how to do that on the computer) is really nasally (pronounce up in the nose). This is difficult to explain, find someone who knows guarani to show you! haha love you!!!

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  1. Hermana Urie, I am so happy to hear about your experiences. I read them every chance I get. Keep the faith. Watch out for dogs. Learn your spanish! I am learning it also because Joy's boyfriend is from El Salvador and doesn't speak english. I can't wait for your next post. May the Lord be with you and keep you safe. Love, Aunt Pam