Monday, October 27, 2014


So this week was AMAZING!!

First of all- Maura. I don't remember if I`ve told you guys about her yet, But she is one of our investigators that is just basically amazing! She`s married with 3 kids, the oldest is 30 and lives with them. He drinks and smokes and stresses her out a lot, but we`re gonna see what we can do to help. So we`ve been teaching her for about a month now and she told us this week that since she`s been sharing with us she`s putting her trust in the Lord more concerning her family, so she feels a lot calmer and is feeling a lot healthier because of that. Also, before she would always compare "her congregation" (Catholic) with "our congregation" and say how she likes a lot of things about our congregtion more than hers (basically everything). So yesterday she came to church for the second time and in the afternoon we went to teach her and she was comparing the churches again. And she said "...your guys`congregation-- well I guess my congregation now!..." And she just loves church and everything we teach her. And she wants to go visit some of the sisters, one that's sick and another one that is her friend but is inactive. She wants to go visit her and tell her to come to church with her! Haha I love it! She`s basically a member already!

Also Diana. SHe is adorable. So we haven't been able to teach Danny yet, but it appears that while he is completely fine with Diana and their kids going to church and getting baptized, he doesn't really want to join them. And he doesn't want to get married either... but we`re working on that! And Diana is doing everything she can think of to help her family. She`s trying to read a couple verses of the Book of Mormon with him in the morning before work, writing scriptures on sticky notes to put around where he`ll see them, etc etc. Also, she really wants her kids to be able to go to church. So she worked to be able to buy a motorcycle to take her kids to church. And we just assumed that she knew how to drive a motorcycle... well, we were wrong. Saturday she was trying to figure it out and teach herself and she got in a little accident and hurt her leg, so she couldn't come to church Sunday- poor thing!! She`s literally doing everything she can think of to get her family to church and together. So we`re basically just praying and fasting a ton for a miracle.

Anyway, the work is amazing. We might have a baptism this Saturday. His name is Mario. He`s hilarious- always crackin jokes. And he wants to get baptized so bad! He`s so excited! And he always prays that his teenage daughters will come to church and get baptized too. He`s awesome. There are lots of new people we are finding as well that are just amazing! This is like the best time in my mission so far- so many people that are just so prepared and excited to receive the gospel! It`s a lot of work, but we are loving it! Just always work with the missionaries because members are seriously SOO key to missionary work!! Love you guys a lot and hope all is well!!

Hermana Urie

Monday, October 13, 2014


David got baptized!!!!!!!!! (Jessica`s 10 year old brother). And the two of them were confirmed yesterday!!!! and Diana came with all the kids for the confirmations. The baptism was great! though a little crazy... Me and Hna. Rios thought that the font would only take about 2 hours to fill up, because that's how our other areas have been. But it actually takes 4. So its just a good thing that everything in Paraguay always starts at least half an hour late (perfect Urie family time.. haha). And we kept the font filling up literally until David and the elder were getting into the font to do the baptism. Next time, we are cleaning and filling the font up Friday! hahah

Oh, and we did NOT change this transfer! Yay!! I love Hna. Rios to death, I`m so excited to have another cambio with her! And it`s her last cambio before she goes home, so I`m killing her off! (when you are someone`s last comp in the mission, you `kill them` from their mission life.) So we are gonna work like crazy this cambio!!

Well, that's basically all that happened this week. Just lots of walking, teaching, finding, confirmations, etc. etc. Normal missionary life. It super hot here, we sweat all the time. And summer doesn't even start for another 2 and a half months. Since it wasn't really cold this winter, everyone says we are going to die of heat this summer. So I`m pretty excited for that!

Well, Love you all!! Here`s some pictures!!

Hermana Urie

David y Jessica

La familia y nosotras!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference... enough said.

Conference was AMAZING!!!

So I just absolutely loved general conference!! It was amazing!! I love the talk in the Sunday Morning session that talked about personal revelation. There was one by Pres. Eyring and then another one after that. Don't remember who the second guy was, but I do remember that I loved his talk. I was thinking about what he said about learning more about the love that God and Christ have for each other. As we come to understand that love better, we will also understand better the love that they have for us, and that will make our love for them grow. And that love will help us improve our personal relationship that we each have individually with God. And as with any relationship, as our relationship with our Father improves and grows, our communication with him will also improve and grow, and we will begin to receive, recognize, and better understand more personal revelation and instrucction from our loving Father in Heaven.

The Saturday afternoon session was also perfect because Diana came to that session and it was talking a lot about raising your family in the gospel and she loved it! And then after the session, JESSICA GOT BAPTIZED!!!! (Diana's 8 year old daughter). It was beautiful! She was so happy. And afterward she told one of the members that she was so happy that she was about to stand up and give her testimony at the end, but we didn't know that so the elder stood up and told everyone thanks for coming and that it was over, so she didn't. It like broke my heart, she is so cute! So since she didn't get the chance this time in her baptism, we're going to let her share her testimony in her brother's baptism this Saturday!! So excited! and then they'll get confirmed together on Sunday. This has just been too amazing of a change with Hna. Rios!! So changes are this week, BUT I highly doubt I'm going to change. Pretty sure we're going to stay together another cambio. I'm not ready to leave Villa Elisa yet!! I love it here!!

And then today we cleaned the temple!! (the reason I'm emailing so late today.. sorry bout that) It was beautiful!! I love the temple!!

Well that's it for this week!! Love you all y espero que tengan una semana maravillosa!!!!
Hermana Urie

Diana and her kids!!


classic Paraguay

Jessica's baptism!! (Diana's daughter)

Me and Hna. Rios. We cleaned the temple today!!