Monday, June 30, 2014

Surprise Week

Hola familia!

So this week was fun.
We started out the week on Monday doing strange random things. haha, so this time of the year is the festivals of San Juan (Saint John) for the Catholic religion, and since there a tons of Catholics here, its a big thing. They do strange dances and things with fire piñatas and walking on hot coals and stuff. Dont worry mom, I didnt do any of that. But there are also random games that lots of girls do on the 23rd of June to figure out the name of their future husband (I know crazy, but what can you do). So we decided to participate (haha dont judge us!) one is that you stab a banana tree with a brand new knife at 12 pm (surprisingly easy to do because the tree is super soft). the next day you take it out and find the name on the knife. Yeah, didnt really see much there but lots of banana tree grossness. haha. there were a couple others too but that was the funnest.
Tuesday I was sick, a cold and a fever and super exhausted.. dont you just love the winter. Wednesday was strange. So was Thursday.
Friday we had surprise divisions with the Sister training leaders. They had forgotten to call us to tell us that we were going to do divisions. So Friday morning at like 7:30 they call us and said ¨hey so we forgot to call you guys, but we are on our way to Ita. We`ll be there in 30 minutes! tell Hna. Kekoolani to pack an overnight bag because she`s gonna come here to San Lorenzo for the day!´´ So that was fun. and it was raining all day thursday and friday, so we were basically just constantly wet and cold. But we found some pretty great people to start teaching so thats fun!
And then Saturday morning, Hna. Kekoolani came back to me!! yay!!! haha, so I love divisions and the sister training leaders and all, but I always miss my companions during that 24 hours apart (and now imagine how sad I am at changes! but my new companion always wins my heart super quickly so its fine!)
So that morning we were finishing up studies and talking about what we learned during divisions when the phone starts to ring. So I finish what I`m saying as I reach for the phone, and then look at the caller id and it says `Presidente Agazzani.`... that`s the mission president...
So I basically had a heart attack. Then was like `hermana! president is calling us! answer it!` so she answered and put it on speaker phone and president Agazzani starts talking and is like `Hola, Hermana Urie?` A million thoughts went threw my head-- `special changes, they`re sending me out of Ita,` `crap! surprise apartment inspections, we gotta clean fast!` `he`s sending me home! what did I do wrong, I dont remember!` basically, President never calls the missionaries, he always goes through the district and zone leaders and the assistants. So I had no idea what to expect. Turned out he and his wife wanted to come to our branch the next day and wanted to know what time church was. He needed to interview one of our investigators, so thats why he called us. And he told us not to tell anyone so it would be a surprise. It was hilarious seeing the faces of all the elders Sunday in church when they showed up. The elders had told us last minute that we had to teach the gospel principles class sunday, so when we started they were all smiling like `haha you guys have to teach the most random topic in the manual` (this week was on work and personal responsibility). And then Hermana Agazzani (president`s wife) came in and they were all like `what?! crap!` and then President wanted to talk to us, so I was like `elders, can you guys take over the class? thanks!` and we left.. haha so they ended up teaching the class with Hermana Agazzani present. It all worked out great!!
So that was basically the highlight of the week. Also, about a week and a half ago, me and Hna. Kekoolani decided we were talking too much in English so we made a `Lata de Ingles` (english jar) and whenver we speak in english we have to put in 500Gs (its equal to about a dime in the US). And at the end of the week, we have to give it to one of the elders. (we switch off which elder every week so its not always the same) but we didnt tell them about it, so they are just super confused when we randomly give one of them lots of coins at the end of the week. Its fun.

Anyway, I`m out of time, but I love you all lots and hope you are having fun in your crazy DC, Singapore, Physical Therapy, Service Mission lives!!

Love you!!!
Hermana Urie

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

sorry its so short!! love you anyway!!!

First of all, to answer dads question... the weather is just dandy here. Some days really cold, others really hot. For example today is hot. but I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow is freezing. That is apparently how the whole winter is going to be for the next 2 months. Its just impossible to guess.

The mission is great and wonderful!! We are finding lots of new investigadors to share with that we really think are going to progress!! We found a monkey this week (see pictures in the other email). We are starting to work a lot more with the members here (everyone, help the missionaries where you live!! please!! haha, but seriously)
And I realized we are half way through the cambio and I still haven't told you about my new companion. Her name is Hermana Kekoolani, she turned 22 on June 5 (our second day together yay!) Shes from Georgia, but her dad is from Hawaii and her mom in Native American (awesome right). She also has a brother in the mission in ITALY (how freaking cool is that!!). She`s super funny, we get along really well (I`ve definitely had really good luck with all of my companions in the mission- haven't had any significant disagreements or problems with any of them!!... knock on wood..). and yeah, she`s basically awesome. This will probably be her last area because she only has 3 and a half months left (2 and a half cambios). So that's fun. anything else... dai`quai... if you have any questions feel free to ask. Sorry the pics took a while so i`m kinda outta time.

If you guys have any questions specifics, you can ask, cuz I don't really know what to write about anymore... haha (and yes, I realize that I don't know how to speak in English anymore.)

Love you!!!! chao!!!!
Hermana Urie

Three of my companions all with me at the temple!! yay!!

my beautiful area!

more beautiful area!!

the elders`area (because they have more campo/ out in the middle of nowhere places so we went exploring!)

 Me and Hna. Walker in the middle of nowhere

a monkey holding my hand.

the monkey jumping at Hna. Kekoolani`s face

the monkey climbing

Me, Hna. Kekoolani, and our dog!! Okay so its not OUR dog, it's the dog of the people whose house we live behind (in spanish dueño, in english... I dunno, landlord maybe?)

more crocodiles!! yay!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Zone Conference

Hola mi familia!!

So before I forget.... HAPPY FATHER`S DAY DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you SO much!!!!!! and I am so thankful for everything you do for me and for everything you`ve taught me and everything!! I love you!!!!!!!! And also, happy fathers day scott and taylor!!!!!!!! (and any other fathers that may read this as well.) you are wonderful fathers and your children are the most adorable things in the world!!

So this week was pretty great. Thursday we had a Zone Conference in the mission offices with 3 of the zones here in the mission. (we have these special, big zone conferences about every 3 months.) And we learned a LOT!! There are a ton of things that I need to work on and improve, but that's what these things are for right. To show us our weaknesses and help us make them strong (see Ether 12:27) But there are two things that really stuck out to me in the zone conference that I want to share..

First. The atonement is for everyone. and I mean EVERYONE. Christ came to the world and suffered the sins of ALL. He has the power to save and forgive and heal ALL. It doesn't matter if the person is a friend at school, if its a single mom trying to support her family, if its the wayward young man who has made some mistakes, or if its your sweet little grandma. God doesnt make exceptions of persons. Every single person here, regardless of their situation is a child of God and needs at least the opportunity to hear the healing truth of the gospel and the atonement. And how will they hear that? Only if we share it. We don't have the power to judge and say, "no, I wont invite that friend/co-worker to church/read the Book of Mormon, because he`s not going to accept it." We cannot know if someone will accept unless we offer. I have seen miracles here in Paraguay. I have seen people quit addictions like smoking and drinking. I have seen people who are depressed find solace and comfort in the Book of Mormon and prayer. I have seen people who have nothing- a mother with a newborn baby and 2 more children, no job, no money, no food- and yet she still looks to serve others who are "less fortunate", prays and thanks God for her blessings every single day, and trusts that he will carry them through. I have seen a man who once was in jail for a very significant crime repent fully, and come unto Christ, making the gospel the absolute center of his life and his family and dedicating everything to gospel of Christ. The greatest conversion I have ever seen... The point is, anyone can change. And we do not know who will accept and who wont, but we must at least do OUR part. It is our responsibility to share the message of the atonement of Jesus Christ with everyone and anyone who will listen.

So I`m out of time and won't be able to get to that second thing I learned- maybe next week if I have time. But really, I exhort ALL of you, anyone who is reading this: Do something THIS week, TODAY, and invite someone you know to learn more about the gospel and the atonement of Christ, whether that be inviting them to church or an activity, giving away a Book of Mormon with your testimony written in the back, or whatever it may be. Invite someone to come unto Christ today.

I love you all so much!!! You are amazing!!! Read your scriptures!!!!!!! Yes, I realize I am a dorky missionary... but lets be honest, that's why you love me.

Love you so much!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Urie

Tuesday, June 10, 2014



So I`m still in Ita (yay!!!! because I LOVE it here!!), and I have a new companion, who is amazing!! but it was still really sad when I had to say goodbye to Hna. Walker. When we have changes, all the missionaries that are tranfering meet in the "terminal", basically the bus (collectivo) station in Asuncion. So that's where we said goodbye. It was the first time I`ve cried in the terminal in the transfers. But it was funny because the elder who was directing all the taxis and everything came up to give us our intrucctions and felt super awkward when he saw me crying. So that was an upside.

Anyway, I`m loving it here in Ita! its beautiful. We are trying to find new investigators because we`re kinda stuck with a lot of the ones we have right now. We love them more than anything and they are amazing, but they aren't keeping their commitments (reading the book of mormon, praying, going to church, etc.) so we`re gonna have to leave some of them if they wont start keeping commitments and progressing.. Really sad though sometimes...

But on a happier note... A few days ago (on my new companion`s birthday- June 5th), we saw a HUGE tarantula (no idea how to spell that- but the big hairy ugly spiders) and I almost walked on it. So we were staring at it, freaking out, and wishing we had our cameras. and then the guy who lived in the house we were in front of walked up and was like "what? what is it?" and we were like "es una araña grandote!!" (its a huge spider!) and he just laughed, walked up, and stepped on it. no warning. it was disgusting.

So no time for more, but love you all a TON!!! good luck in all your crazy endeavors!!!

Hermana Urie

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Casi cambios otra vez!!

Casi cambios otra vez!!

Haha so I legitimately was about to write to you guys in Spanish! haha its fine!
Thanks to all for the birthday wishes! Can`t believe I`m about to turn 20 already!

So this week was fun! Wednesday was Hermana Walker`s birthday, so we had a fun day-- lots of food. We went to this fun Spain restaurant (is that how you spell that?) and it was the most amazing food I had eaten in 10 months. But seriously, the lady there knows how to cook! And we also had cake, sopa paraguaya, and budìn (pudding- but like a different kind of pudding). and something else too, don't remember.
Oh and Wednesday we had a super awesome Noche de Rama (ward night). We played 3-legged soccer. It was fun. We were gettin pretty competitive though. And at one point, me and Hna. Walker were just kinda standing there laughing, and two of the elders (legs tied together) started running past us. And I just had time to notice that one elder went on one side of Hna. walker, and I was wondering where the other one was, and then I realized what was about to happen and was like "oh dang it" and  boom! we went down. They ran on either side of us and their tied together legs swept our feet out from under us. It was a hard fall let me tell you! haha but we were laughing for the next 5 minutes, so all good!

Alright, so know spirituallness stuff.
Yesterday we passed by one of our investigators named Victor. (He`s the one thats waiting for approval to get baptized) He works all during the week, so we only get to teach him Saturdays and Sundays, so yesterday we went, and he is just progressing so much!! I told you at mothers day that his story is just a miracle, and it seriously is! So he`s been reading a lot of the Gospel Principles book at his work whenever he has extra time, and his wife has already been a member for a few years, so when he has questions he can always ask her and just is learning a ton! And yesterday he told us that he FINISHED the book. Its like 200 pages of straight-up doctrine and commandments and he just read it in less than 2 weeks, and he totally understands it all! He gets really excited for when we come because he loves sharing what he`s learning and asking us questions to learn more. Some of the things he`s learning and understanding I`ve just been learning about myself here in the mission! And he`s just so excited to learn more! I love going and talking to him and Catalina (his wife) because the spirit is just so strong! Me and Hna. Walker were talking about it, and we decided we aren`t really doing much, he`s learning and changing all himself!! and we are really just grateful that God has blessed us by letting us witness this miracle. I know there are lots more miracles to come, but even if I didn`t see another miracle in my whole mission, just this one is worth the 18 months. I really have never seen a bigger miracle of a conversion in my entire life. Its like a Book of Mormon story! Now we are just waiting to figure out when his baptism will be (which he is SO excited for), the whole process is just having a hard time getting started trying to coordinate with different leaders and such. But it's coming along, and we have no doubt he will be baptized!!! That will be a wonderful moment!

Alright out of time! But I love you tons!! I`ll let you know next Monday if I got transferred or not (cambios are this Wednesday!! -- Time is just flying so fast!!)
Les quiero demasiado! Chao!
Hermana Urie