Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference... enough said.

Conference was AMAZING!!!

So I just absolutely loved general conference!! It was amazing!! I love the talk in the Sunday Morning session that talked about personal revelation. There was one by Pres. Eyring and then another one after that. Don't remember who the second guy was, but I do remember that I loved his talk. I was thinking about what he said about learning more about the love that God and Christ have for each other. As we come to understand that love better, we will also understand better the love that they have for us, and that will make our love for them grow. And that love will help us improve our personal relationship that we each have individually with God. And as with any relationship, as our relationship with our Father improves and grows, our communication with him will also improve and grow, and we will begin to receive, recognize, and better understand more personal revelation and instrucction from our loving Father in Heaven.

The Saturday afternoon session was also perfect because Diana came to that session and it was talking a lot about raising your family in the gospel and she loved it! And then after the session, JESSICA GOT BAPTIZED!!!! (Diana's 8 year old daughter). It was beautiful! She was so happy. And afterward she told one of the members that she was so happy that she was about to stand up and give her testimony at the end, but we didn't know that so the elder stood up and told everyone thanks for coming and that it was over, so she didn't. It like broke my heart, she is so cute! So since she didn't get the chance this time in her baptism, we're going to let her share her testimony in her brother's baptism this Saturday!! So excited! and then they'll get confirmed together on Sunday. This has just been too amazing of a change with Hna. Rios!! So changes are this week, BUT I highly doubt I'm going to change. Pretty sure we're going to stay together another cambio. I'm not ready to leave Villa Elisa yet!! I love it here!!

And then today we cleaned the temple!! (the reason I'm emailing so late today.. sorry bout that) It was beautiful!! I love the temple!!

Well that's it for this week!! Love you all y espero que tengan una semana maravillosa!!!!
Hermana Urie

Diana and her kids!!


classic Paraguay

Jessica's baptism!! (Diana's daughter)

Me and Hna. Rios. We cleaned the temple today!!

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