Tuesday, November 18, 2014


So not much to say this week. We moved, in the rain. It was beautiful. We love living above the other hermanas, because we get to run with them in the morning and eat cookies and lomitos at night (so its a good thing we run every day!)

Don't know if you remember Maura, but she`s getting baptized this Saturday!!!! She`s super excited and awesome. We hadn't really been able to share with her at all last week because she had lots of work and she was a bit busy with a process of telling her other congregation (Catholic) that she wasn't going to go anymore. They were getting upset at her for sharing with "the Mormons" so they basically put her on church trial, and she said she wasn't going to stop sharing or coming to church and that she was planning on getting baptized so they kicked her out. So we finally found her on Saturday and she told us all of this. Also, she was a little mad at us because the last time we told her we were going to leave her a talk by President Monson so she could listen to him and pray to see if he`s really a prophet of God and we forgot so she couldn't for the whole week and she got a bit upset- haha she`s soo cute! So we found one online on Saturday and listened to it and she loved it!

We`ve got lots of other amazing people we are sharing with right now, but they`re all just having trouble progressing because for one reason or another they aren't coming to church. So that`s basically all the big news for the week.

Changes are this week! Hermana Rios is finishing up her mission and going back to Montana- so sad I`m gonna miss her!!! But I`m pretty sure I`m going to stay here another change (4 whole changes in an area- that will be new! but I love it here so I`m happy!). So I`ll let you know next week what happened! Love you all!! Have a great week!!!

Love, Hermana Urie

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