Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Semana 1 en Ytororo!!

Semana 1 en Ytororo!! So I think I failed to mention last time that we are super close to the Paraguay River, and just on the other side of that is Argentina! So I can see Argentina from our window. It seems nice.

So not much to report this week. Just getting to know the area as fast as I can. It rained, like usual. It`s unbearablely hot, and we are drenched in sweat, like usual. And I am as happy as can be. :)

We found someone awesome this week! Her name is Dominga. We contacted her one day and invited her to get baptized (because we basically invite everyone to get baptized within the first 5 minutes of meeting them- its pretty awesome to be a missionary) and she said, "well, we`ll have to see. Let`s talk a little bit first." So we went back another day and shared with her and she is AWESOME. She had shared with missionaries before and she really liked it, but then she moved and lost track of it. She is like one of those people from the scripture that says that many look for the truth, but don't find it only because they don't know where to find it (somethin like that, I`m tryin to translate to English..). She`s really looking for the truth, so we are going to work a lot with her this week. We passed by yesterday but she wasn't there. Her son was there and we met him. He said he was interested and wanted to go to church too. He also said my eyes were really pretty.. like  5 times.. haha y bueno! But yeah, just working! Fun fact: 1.5 of my previous comps were in this area before! Hna. Lossa was here a year and a half ago, and Hna. Hinkson as well (that would be the "half/wannabe" comp)

This week we have a zone conference in the offices, and today we had to go as well, my comp had to sign some immigration papers, so lots of traveling to Asuncion.

I`m so glad to hear the twins are doing well!! they look SO SMALL in the pictures!!! i`m praying for you guys!!

So I`m pretty sure I don't have a concussion... or at least if I did its gone now. No more headaches, and we`re working like normal. MaƱana we`re going to go running and we`ll see if that does anything, but yeah- todo bien!! though I might have pique... haha jk!!...?

Anyway love you guys!!!

a cigarra. It makes a really awesome and annoying noise

don't know how well you can see it, but that was my hand
(at the half way mark, it got bigger than that later)

The wind blew my umbrella into the river. I stared for 2 seconds and then said
"I`m goin down." I miss climbing, but its a bit harder in a skirt.

we walk with cows on the sidewalk. it's Paraguay.

Diana`s kids! Feliz Navidad!!

The Asentamiento in Villa Elisa :)

Saying goodbye to Yessica and Diana :(

First comp, last comp (Hna. Mills, Hna. Aguirre)

This is Hna. Espinoza`s cousin! (my trainer) and she`s in Reducto (my first
 area where I was with Hna. Espinoza)

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