Monday, February 10, 2014

Bautismo!! ... y ratas..

So this week we had a baptism!! He`s 8 years old and super excited and prepared for the gospel. His mom is going to get baptized in a couple weeks too. It was so amazing to be at his baptism. He was so excited, and it was so beautiful as I was sitting there and thinking that while yes, I taught him some lessons and helped him out a bit, I really did do anything to get him here. It was all the Lord. The Lord knows what he`s doing. These people were already prepared. He basically just led us to them so we could invite them to take that step, but He really did all the work for us. This work is amazing. Missionary work is amazing.
So there`s my spiritualness for the week, now lets get to Paraguay. HAKU E`TEREI!!!! it is so HOT (in guarani). Someone was talking to us a couple days ago and said that it was like 43 degrees Celsius, which is approximately 110 degrees farenheit. And then you add in the humidity. and then you add in the walking all day in the street. So yeah, its hot. But the rumor is its only gonna get a little bit worse the next couple weeks and in march it`ll start going down, so we`re basically praying for that. We`ve kinda gotten used to the always dripping in sweat thing during the day, but what I don`t like is when the power goes out and we don't have air conditioning at night when we`re sleeping (which happened twice this week). But hey, I don't think I will ever complain about summer heat in Utah ever again.
And Gustavo and Carlotta are still living in our apartment. One day we got home and opened the door to our bedroom and they came running out and ran across Hermana Murguia`s foot. They ran to their little hiding spot in the kitchen where there`s a big area that we cant see very well because the oven is in the way. We put out rat traps but they`re either too smart or too lazy to come out of hiding. but we saw them running around behind the oven yesterday, so they`re still there. But we`ve got a plan. Today, the Hermanas (from the other area in the ward) and coming over and we`re going to figure out a way to trap them and take em out.
Which brings me to my last thought. Today the Hermanas are coming over to hang out for Pday! I haven't hung out with anyone besides just my companion since before the mission! we`re gonna make banana cake and horchata, and talk and listen to EFY cds and maybe watch "The Restauracion" or The testaments, or preach my gospel dvds or something. We`re not really sure, but I`m super excited! (I sound like I'm joking but I am kinda dead serious right now. I know I'm a dorky missionary, it's fine! I love it!)

Anyway, that's all for this week. Love you tons!!!

Hermana Urie

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