Friday, February 7, 2014


So I am still in La Floresta, but I have a new companion!! Her name is Hermana Murguia. Her parents are from Mexico, but she`s from Utah, so she already spoke English and Spanish fluently before the mission. So nice for when I don't know words in Spanish she can help me, but bad because we are really always just talking in English so I`m not practicing as much as I should be. But we`re making goals to speak English only on p-days, so its good. She super cute, super funny, and super bold. its great! :) She`s been in the mission for 10 months already (so I`m not training yet!). we`ve only been together like 4 days, but I can already tell, we are going to work hard this cambio. She`s super determined.

So we had 3 investigators in church this week!!!!! That's like, amazing. i super excited for this cambio, its gonna be super busy. there are a lot of people here that are converted and ready, we`ve just got to teach them and get them to church.

So we have a couple people we found recently that already have all the lessons and everything from a few months ago, just their circumstances before didn't allow them to get baptized, but things have changed and now they`re ready and supre excited, so we`re basically just reviewing and the lessons and they`re gonna get baptized in the next couple weeks!! yay!! there is so much work to do here but I`m so excited to do it. The mission is amazing. I love it :)

Also, last week when we had cambios, I saw Herman a Espinoza in the terminal (where all the missionaries meet to do changes) and she said the Rosa (my investigator from Reducto) and her son got baptized!!!!!!! I`m so excited for them!!!!

Alright no more time, but next week I`m gonna send pictures and write more. and one of these days I will actually finish one of the many letters that I`ve started and send it to you. love you so much!!!!

Con todo mi amor,
Hermana Urie

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