Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Paraguayan Independence Day!

Alright, so I sent lots of pics so I don't have a lot of time, but I love you and have a good week!!!

Love, Hermana Urie

.... haha just kidding :)

But really this actually will be pretty short.
So this week was MOTHERS DAY!!!! Loved talking to you all! And here mothers day is always the 15th of May. So we made some brownies and took them to all of our favorite moms here in Ità. So mothers day here is kinda big. No one goes to school or work, every travels to wherever their mom is, and everyone is inside their houses with the fam- as in practically every store and market thing is closed that day. The town felt so deserted it was like Semana Santa all over again!

Also, the 14th of May is Independence Day, where everyone is out in the streets and celebrating- so big contrast there. We saw the drum lines and dancers and fun stuff in the park. It kinda reminded me of Oak City days :) Oh and apparently the crocodiles I saw before were the babies, I found the bigger ones this week!

Anyway, sorry no more time! But I hope you all enjoy the pics and your crazy lives and know that I love you!!

Hermana Urie

Beautiful Paraguayan sky (way better in person than on a camera, but hey, what can ya do)

Me and my comp in our area!!
Paraguay Independence Day!! (May 14th)
 Dancers for Paraguay Independence day!!

Drums for Independence day!

Procession thingy for Independence day!

Lucy got baptized!!

This picture is just great.
My area!!! Okay, so only half my area is like this. the other half is regular town and houses and stuff.

My CCM (MTC) trio, together once again (during changes we all found each other)

So remember how I said this crocodiles were super small... I may have lied just a bit..

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