Monday, September 29, 2014


We are so excited for general conference it's not even funny. But seriously. So every just prepare and read talks and scriptures and stuff because its gonna be amazing i can feel it!
Daddy! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I`m glad to hear things are going well with Elizabeth and the twins! Hope everyone else is great as well!

And now, this week in Paraguay...

hahaha sometimes I can`t get over the fact that I`m in Paraguay. Its like the most random place ever and I love it!!

So this week, we turned into gardeners. One day we met a lady planting bushes, so we offered to help and my hands got really dirty (remember how I don't like plants and outdoors because I hate getting my hands all dirty- yeah I think I`ve gotten over that here) and then taught her about the gospel of Christ and invited her to get baptized. She said no, but was super sweet and it was fun to serve her. 
Then the next day, we passed by a former investigator and they were pulling weeds out of their yard, so we went and helped them. And while we were there, I PET THEIR PIG!! pigs are so cute!! (small ones, I`ve seen some huge ones, and they`re not quite as pretty.) When my comp tried to pet it, it was freaking out and jumping around and wouldn't let her. So that was fun. Service! I feel like we dont get that many oportunities to serve.

Now that said... Last Tuesday we had a service project!! (so this week we did serve a lot, but usually not as much as we would like). We went and helped out with Operation Smile! It was fun. We basically just unloaded trucks and moved boxes and stuff, but it was nice to serve, and there were lots of missionaries there, so I got to see a lot of friends and former comps (picture attached of me and 4 of my comps). And for lunch they gave us Mcdonald`s. Funny how Mcdonald`s is chuchi here (like expensive/fancy).

Thursday was... alright. We got rejected a lot that day. We started the day off with one lesson, and then spent the rest of the day walking, looking for people to teach because all of our plans and back up plans fell through and no one wanted to let us in. And finally at the end of the day, and young mother let us in. But after about 2 minutes her dad came out and told her that her son was crying, so she left. And then he told us he didn't want us there and kicked us out. So I was just sitting there, thinking how it was dad`s birthday and I could be home eating cake. But I pushed that thought out and we kept going....

And Friday was amazing! We found new people. EVERYONE let us in (that may be an exaggeration.. but not really!) And basically we were just loving life and the mission and teaching about the gospel. The whole weekend really has been great! So moral of the story... we always receive the blessings AFTER the trial of our faith (and diligence and patience) (Ether 12:6? i think..)

So yesterday was great as well!! Jessica and David (Diana`s two oldest kids- 8 and 10 years old, respectively) came to church!! Diana couldnt because she just got a new job where she works from 5pm to 5am, so she was super tired Sunday. But she worked it out so she only works every other Saturday night, so she`ll be coming to Conference this week, and trying to figure something out to be able to keep coming to church. But her kids, Jessica and David, ARE GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!! So I`ll send you pictures next week!!!!

Also, we are finding so many prepared people and I am seriously just loving the mission right now!!! This is basically the best part of my mission so far!! I hope it just keeps getting better and better!!!

Well, that`s it!! I hope everyone is great and loving life!!
Love you all dearly!
Hermana Urie

me and some of my comps: Hna. Mills (MTC), Hna. Thacker (MTC), Me!,
Hna. Walker (Ita), Hna. Rios (current comp-Villa Elisa)

om! Look how healthy I`m eating! You would be proud. Hna.
 Rios makes me eat lots of fruits and veggies, so this cambio
 our fridge has looked really strange to me. Very... fresh... and
green.. and very lacking in chocolate (but I am gaining a
testimony of the Word of Wisdom, so thats nice)

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