Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 3

Time is flying by!!

I feel like I just got here, and like I´ve been here forever at the same time. I love it. I love my companions, I love my district, I love my teachers, I love everything (almost) about it!!! And now i feel like that little 5 year old girl from that youtube video saying everything she loves. it´s great watch it.

So usually I write down things throughout the week that I want to include in my letters, but I kind of forgot to do that this week, so I can barely remember what happened this week because everything is blurring together. so if you´ve already heard some of this, I´m sorry. too bad. also, I only have 10 minutes, so it's gonna be kinda short.

I love the priesthood. I really do. Yesterday I was sick and it was just getting worse throughout the night. So finally I swallowed my pride and was like, alright elders, I need a blessing. Also, the elders in my district 
we´ve decided are "blessing hungry" which is by no means a bad thing! they just really like giving blessings. If anyone says that anything is wrong with them, from supposed food poisoning to cramps to a headache to seriously anything, one of them is bound to pipe up with "do you need a blessing?! we can give you a blessing!" I just love how excited they are about it, but usually we decline because we really are fine. But last night I decided it was time. So all the elders gathered around me and they were all helping Elder Arrington looking at the instructions or whatever (because it was his first time giving a blessing) and then they did it. But from the moment they all stood around me, I could feel the spirit and the power eminating from them and it just grew the whole time. and when he gave me the blessing I was just like "I know Elder Arrington and this does not sound like him. These are the Lord´s words. This is by the Spirit." It was amazing.

So today we saw our teacher in p-day clothes.. that was weird. also, cochroaches still love us so that´s annoying. Seriously, killing 16 cochroaches in 3 minutes is not okay. i guess it´s just to prepare us for Paraguay right?

Lexi Capson and Annie Hoj from school are here!! I don´t have a picture with hna. Capson, but I got one with hna. Hoj (attached in one of my emails).

There is an elder here (in my original district) and every time he sees me he calls me Elder Urie. The first 10 times were on accident, then it just kinda became the norm. Funny funny... sorry this email is way too short but I spent most my time trying to figure out how to send all my pictures!! plus, there´s not really much to report this week anyway. It´s basically the same things. But I´m learning a lot and the Spanish is getting easier, and our investigator is finally starting to progress and the other one committed to baptism! Yay!

I love you all!! I will send more next week i promise!!!

This is the mountain next to the CCM (MTC), Mary loves it, she thinks it's really cool. 

Mary and her companeras.

Mary and her companeras by the sign at the temple.

Mary and Hna. Hoj

Mary and her district at the temple.

CCM sign. 

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