Monday, September 23, 2013

Last Week In the CCM

This last week has been great but so sad! Whenever I think about leaving it breaks my heart. I love my district and my compañeras so much and I can´t imagine not seeing them for at least 2 years, if ever again. We´ve had a lot of lasts this week. Last Tuesday devotional, last class, last lessons with our investigators (which went pretty well, we´ve definitely improved a LOT since being here), last church- where I got to give another talk, on the Atonement (my and Hermana Mills have both talked twice, and Hermana Thacker didn´t talk at all!), last pictures, last goodbyes with some, and the rest last goodbyes with our district will be tonight. This has been such a great experience and I´m so sad for it to end and to leave all of these people that I love so much! But I know that it´s time to move on to the next step and start teaching real investigators and doing the work. I´m also really looking forward to getting to a point where I can actually speak the language without stopping and taking forever to figure out how to say what I want to say. I´m slightly terrified that they are going to put me with a native for my first companion (which they probably will so I´ll have to learn the language) and I won´t be able to communicate like at all! But I know whatever I need to do, the Lord will help me with.

fun story of the week..
Tuesday when we went to the temple, I stepped out of the temple ground gates! I have officially walked the streets of Mexico!! (just let me have this one)
Also, I couldn´t convince my teacher to go out of the CCM (because they are allowed to leave) and get me real horchata from the streets of Mexico. I would´ve paid for it, but even still, apparently it´s either against the rules or frowned upon or something. And we also apparently live in a sketchy place in Mexico, so this horchata run would carry a lot of risk. While I was willing to risk it, my teacher was not. Hahaha just kidding, I´m not either. But I really want homemade horchata!! I´ll just have to come back one day and have it then, because I doubt the airport is going to have any horchata of acceptable quality.

Well I´d better go start packing!! I love you tons and I´ll email you in a week or so if not sooner!

Hermana Urie

picture #1. Me, my compañeras, and some of the other hermanas in our branch that we play volleyball with.
picture #2. self. explanatory.
picture #3. me, my compañeras, and Elder Mastergeorge (yes that´s really his name). He´s hilarious as well.
picture #4. me and my original district

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