Thursday, January 30, 2014


...are this week!! How fast that went by! We won't know until tomorrow what's gonna happen, so I`ll let you know next week. Maybe I stay, maybe I go, maybe yo entreno (train)... haha we`ll see what happens.

Alright, so I don`t have much time this week but I'll give you some random highleightes:

We had divisions with the Sister Trainer leaders Wednesday! fun, learned a lot. They are adorable and super great missionaries.
Also, we have a rat in our apartment. I saw it last night. we're gonna but a rat trap today if we can find one and trap it. Its name is Gustavo. (oh did I tell you about the 2 spiders that are always in the corner on the ceiling in the shower-- the bigger one is Alberto and the smaller one is Freddy :)  ) and that scream that the women always make in the movies when they see a rat. I always thought "wow that scream is so fake, no one actually mkes that noise".... well yesterday I made that noise. It`s apparently the "rat scream" haha

We had an investigator in church yesterday!!!! yay!!

Anyway, no tengo mas tiempo...

love you!!

Hermana Urie

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