Tuesday, July 8, 2014

¡Feliz Dìa de Independencia!

I can`t believe that its already July!! Crazy!!

For the 4th of July we.... did nothing! because its not a holiday here!! how sad right. But at least that day was warm, so it felt kinda like the 4th of July and not the middle of winter. We did eat some Kraft mac and cheese and we were going to eat s`mores in the night when we got home to celebrate.(Hna. Kekoolani`s mom sent her smores stuff). But I got sick really suddenly and randomly on the way home, so I just went to bed instead. But we`re going to have smores today so its fine!
Also, we have an investigator named Gabriel that is totally gonna get baptized soon! not sure exactly when. He`s had all the lessons and he`s come to church a million times and everything, but he`s scared to tell his family that he wants to get baptized because he doesn't know how they will react (no one in his family is members). So he told us that if he gets baptized, he`ll have to do it secretly so they don't know. But since he`s only 15 he needs permission from his parents, so that's kind of impossible, and not really the best way to do it anyway. But we`re figuring it out.
Also, I don`t remember how much I`ve told you guys before about our investigator Victor, but he`s the one who I said is like a Book of Mormon story miracle, who changed SO much and has completely turned to Christ and basically the biggest conversion I`ve ever seen. Well, we`ve been teaching him a lot. His wife and kids are all members (his kids are currently inactive, but they are slowly coming back to the church as he is starting to come, and his wife is strong and active). Well for some things that have happened in the past, he has to go through kind of a long process to be able to get baptized. Turns out he has to be actively going to church and keeping the commandments and such for 1 year before he can get baptized (2 months down, 10 to go!). But he`s strong and super determined to stay active and get baptized in a year, so all good there. But we figured, that means he`s going to have a lot of trials of his faith and attacks from Satan in the next year. And the trials started this last week. Saturday night it was raining a lot and there were lots of people drinking and partying and stuff. And one of these drunk men decided to go for a ride on his motorcycle, and he crashed into Victor on his motorcycle. Everything turned out okay, he didn't get hurt too badly. But it is going to affect his ability to work for the next little while (which they can't really afford to happen financially), and now they are having some legal problems with the crash and documents and lawyers and such and it's gonna be a long process. So the trials have started. But all we can really do is pray and support them along the way.

So that's basically all that I can remember for this week. But sounds like you guys are all doing well! Love you tons! Talk to ya next week!!

Hermana Urie

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