Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Stonecutter

So my awesome story of the week..
First of all, background for this story. There`s a church video called `the stonecutter.` its about the guy that was called as the stonecutter for the salt lake temple. He had an accident and ended up amputating one leg. Later he made a wooden leg, practiced walking, and continued his calling as the stonecutter, walking 30 kilometers every week to salt lake and back with one leg because of his faith in the Lord and dedication to his calling (if you haven't seen it, look it up and watch it-- its really good).
Now, remember Victor, our investigator that was in an accident last week. So he`s doing okay and can limp pretty well now. But he lives about 10 blocks from the church. They don't have a car (because lots of people here don't) and their motorcycle was carried away after the crash, so that means they now have to walk everywhere (like us missionaries! haha). So we decided that we were going to ask one of the members that has a car to pass by and give him a ride to church on Sunday. But when we went by Victor`s house on Saturday, Victor told us that it wasn't necesary and that we shouldn't ask the member to take him. We tried to insist and assure him that it wasnt a problem or inconvenience. And he said... `If the stonecutter could walk 30 kilometers with only one leg, I can walk 10 blocks to church.` He wanted to show his faith to God, that no matter what, he would be firm and steadfast. That he was going to church because he wanted to show his faith to God, and not because someone passed by in a car to make it easy for him. And let me just say, when we saw him slowing limping up to the church, with his wife and daughters at his side, we were so excited. That is a moment that I will never forget.

Alright, so for the rest of my week.. I`ve got a lot of small random things to tell this week, so I`m just gonna make a list.

1. We are teaching a fireman, and we teach him in the firehouse/station thing. So that's pretty cool. He`s getting baptized this Saturday, and his brother (reciently returned missionary) is going to baptize him. The RM is also baptizing his mom and other little brother this Saturday (they live in the area of the elders). And the other elders in our branch have a family of 4 getting baptized this Saturday as well! ¡Bautismo Guazù! (guarani for huge baptism)

2. I helped someone make empanadas this week, so now I know how and will make them, when I come home.

3. Remember the crocodiles we have in the laguna... well we touched one. It was close to the fence so we just reached over and touched its tail. It was drier than I expected it to be, and not as hard as I thought either.

4. Last Monday we had our District Activity. An elder from El Salvador made pupusas, and an elder from Mexico made tacos.
Also remember Hna. Thacker, one of my companions from the MTC. Well she is in my district now. And during the activity I needed the keys to the church, so she threw them to me. But her aim was a bit off... so they landed on the roof of the church. oops! so one of the elders climbed up and got them. I`ll send a picture if I have time at the end.

5. Also during this activity, we played soccer (like every district activity here in Paraguay). And it got a little intense. So one time when an elder kicked the ball in, it went straight for my head. Luckly I had time to turn my head so I didn't get my face, but it did hit the side of my head pretty hard. I don't think I`d ever actually experienced the whole `white noise and loud ringing in the ear` thing before. So that was a wonderful experience to have. Later my companion told me that I was super spacey right after for like 5 seconds and then when I was trying to say `estoy bien!` (translated `I am good`) I was actually saying `soy bien! soy bien!` hhaha oops.. but the good thing is it didn't hurt as bad as i thought it would, so my fear of balls hitting me in the head in sports is now gone!

Also, replying to what Kristi said about having lots of investigators in ice cream shops. In my current area, the owner of the ice cream place is a recent convert and we often share with all of her workers. what can I say, I really like ice cream! haha (and I have not yet heard from the missionaries from La Floresta so I don't know if Lety has gotten baptized yet, but I will let you know when I hear!!)

Love you all!! I`ll let you know next week if I get tranfered or anything (changes are this week... time is just going by so fast!)

Love you!
Hermana Urie

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