Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Villa Elisa

So, I had changes- I am no longer in Ita and I`m a little (a lot) heart broken. I love Ita it is the most amazing area ever and I just saw so many miracles there and there are so many people there that I love so much that I am gonna miss!! but, asi es la mision. (that`s the mission).

So when we have changes, all the missionaries that are going to change go to the terminal (basically a big collectivo station- like train station but for buses). And that's always a really fun hour finding past companions and friends and such. Well these last changes I ran into Hermana Murguia (my companion for 2 cambios in La Floresta), and she told me that Lety se bautizo!!!!! (umm.. got baptized, sorry this English thing is really hard for me today). (Leticia is the investigator that worked in the ice cream shop and I left before she got baptized). I am super super excited about that!!!!!! Also, I heard that Hna. Mills (one of my comps from the MTC) is now in La Floresta! Which is in our zone so I`ll get to see her at some point- I`m going to tell her that she better take care of my convert! haha :)

Now, I am in Villa Elisa (super close to my second area- La Floresta, its the same zone) So that's fun. The ward here is super great. Really friendly and happy, just not super involved in missionary work yet, but we`re going to work with the sisters a lot to have them come do divisiones with us and accompany us in lessons and such. There is one sister here that is AMAZING. Her name is Jazmin, she`s 18 years old, and she`s preparing to go on a mission. She is going to be the most amazing missionary ever-- una capa`ite!! She leaves with us every weekend and studies Preach my gospel and basically knows everything about the mission already (rules, how we work, the lessons, she even has a missionary agenda that she uses when she`s with us)-- she`s adorable.
I also have a new companion named Hermana Valle. She`s from Bolivia.

So we have a couple of good investigators, one of which will hopefully get baptized August 9 (pray!!!)- his name is Cristian. He`s already come to church a couple times and we`re teaching him. The problem is that it`s hard to find a woman to accompany us during the week because everyone here works, goes to school, or has kids and the house and everything. But we`re figuring it out.

Well that`s about it for this week! Hope everything is going great!!

Love you all!! Good luck with the mission and internships and tests and Singapore and everything!!! Love you tons!!!

Hermana Urie

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