Tuesday, March 11, 2014

¡7 meses ya!

I`m running out of time!! Only another 11 months! So not enough, I feel like I`m just getting started.

So this week was interesting...

So last Saturday..
We found a woman who lived in Washington DC for 40 years!!! So like she knows English. So she would only talk to us in English but she let us in and we are like, "sweet, we are so going to teach her in English"... weirdest thing ever!!!!!! It was so hard!!! I kept slipping into Spanish and it was like I didn't know how to speak English anymore. I`m so used to teaching in Spanish. And it was so difficult because as I was teaching I had to translate in my mind from Spanish to English, because I was thinking in Spanish but speaking in English and it was really weird. I feel like I don't remember the gospel in English anymore, haha, its fine!
I also had the realization during that lesson that, I really was called to speak Spanish. The whole lesson just had a different feel to it and was just strange. It was really fun to try teaching it in English once, but I don't think I`m going to do it again, unless I find English speaking people that don't speak Spanish (like in the Best Two Years with dutch!!) but I doubt it.. Anyway, I know I really was called to preach the gospel to the people in Paraguay in their native tongue. (i.e. Spanish with some random Guarani words thrown in there, haha, because i do not know puro Guarani)

Also last Saturday. It was almost 9 pm and we were on the way home when we decided to stop at Amandau and get some ice cream. So we walked in and we were waiting for the worker to come and ask for our order. And Hermana Murguia suddenly is like "oh my gosh, look!" so I look down at the counter. First I saw one of the church pass along cards with a picture of the Salt Lake temple on it and I thought "oh that's cool, someone left a pass along card".... and then I saw what was right next to the pass along card. It was a big notebook- like those drawing notebooks with lots of blank, unlined, thicker paper. And on it had been drawn the salt lake temple. It was gorgeous. So the worker came over and we were like "what is this?! Its amazing!" and she was like "I know isn't it absolutely beautiful!" apparently someone had left the card in amandau and she found it and thought it was so pretty and decided to draw it, so in her free time throughout the day, she would just draw the temple. it was amazing. We are going back so she can draw us one, and to teach her. She`s amazing and the Lord basically led her straight to us, so gotta follow the lord`s path right! and then we got a huge ice cream cone. It was a pretty great day :)

Alright I`m out of time. But love you guys a ton!

Hermana Urie

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