Monday, March 24, 2014


Okay, so that title actually has nothing to do with this letter, I`m just super excited so I thought I´d let y'all know :)

Okay, so I said that the last week was crazy right? Well I was wrong- THIS week was nuts. We were crazy busy.

So Monday after emailing we traveled downtown to the TEMPLE and cleaned for a few hours!! It's the second time I`ve been able to do that on the mission and I was so excited! The temple is so beautiful and so peaceful. I just love it so much! And while we were cleaning me and Hermana Hinkson (one the other sister missionaries working in our ward) quietly hummed hymns with harmony and stuff and I just felt so peaceful :)

Then Wednesday we had a Conferencia de Zonas. So every month we have a "Capacitacion de Zona" where our whole zone gets together, has a lesson-type thing, and encouraging spiritual thoughts and practices and whatever we happen to need to know at the time (I guess you could kinda relate it to Ward Conference or something.) But everything 3 or 4 months, we have a "Conferencia de Zonas" where 4 or 5 zones get together in a big gathering at the mission offices and there is the mission president and an Area of the Seventy there and they give us the conference (like Stake Conference or whatever). So we had that last week and it was great. We talked about the Atonement of Christ and how it helps us as missionaries and how it can help our investigators in their personal lives as well.. and lots of great missionary stuff. So that was great and uplifting and stuff.

And then Thursday... The rat came back. It like that story of the cat, it wouldn't go away it just came back (okay so I don't really know the story, but Michelle in Gilmore Girls refers to it somewhere in season 3 and that just popped into my head as I was typing this)
So the rat came back. This rat is smart. It is mean. and it is terrorizing us. Well I don't really have time to tell the story how I would like to, so I`ll write it in a letter tonight and send it to you.

And then Friday I was sick, but that actually ended up being our only full day of the week this crazy week so we decided to just keep working. And Saturday I was so exhausted from being sick while walking and working in the sun all day so I just crashed for like 5 hours. So fun fun week. Anyway. Love you all!! Good luck in all your fun endeavors!!!

Love from your favorite South American missionary :)
Hermana Urie

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