Sunday, March 23, 2014

Crazy crazy week...

Alright, so much to write about and not enough time...

So the rats... we found it, trapped it, and took it out. we got home and kneeled down to pray to do daily planning, and we saw it running around trying to get out of the room (but we had closed the door behind us). so we took refuge on our desks. Did daily planning sitting on our desks, and then made the master plan to get the rat out. We figured out that it was hiding in the nightstand next to my bed (because I saw it trying to slowly sneak out when we were quiet and it thought we weren't looking-- but I saw it and its creepy black ball-ish eyes)so then it was hiding there so we closed the door of the nightstand and taped it shut to trap it in there. and then carried the nightstand out of the apartment, down the stairs and outside and let it out. (by the way, that was fairly small mouse-ish rat--Carlotta)

Then we came back inside just in time for Hermana Murguia to look over and see Gustavo jumping in from the window and hiding behind the oven. Now I don't know how he`s been getting in and out from the window cuz we are on the second floor and it's a straight drop to the ground, nothing around to jump on or climb on. So apparently rats are either like spiderman or can fly. So we moved the oven around, made some noise, etc, until we scared Gustavo into jumping back OUT of the window...which he did. I don't know where he jumped to. Seriously I think they can fly, either that or he`s like a cat and can land high falls just fine. And guys... Gustavo was BIG. he was HUGE!!!!! Well after that we closed all the doors and windows. Hopefully they can't get in from the hallway.

Alright, now to more spiritual matters...

My zone made a goal about a change ago (changes are 6 weeks, they made the goal 7 weeks ago) to read the Book of Mormon in 2 changes. i.e. a little less than 3 months. But somehow this did not get communicated to me and Hna. Murguia until about 2 weeks ago. But we are determined to finish with them, so we are reading 15 pages a day (in Spanish of course). We are in Mosiah. Hopefully we will finish in time. I`ve never read the Book of Mormon in 7 weeks, but it's going to happen.

So about church yesterday. We had 3 investigators come! and they were all miracles. One of them we weren`t able to find or contact all week (since last Monday) and he was pretty new- we`ve only taught him twice. But he had said in the last lesson that he wanted to come to church on Sunday, so we told him, Great, we`ll pass for you at 8:30 on Sunday to go to church. But we hadn`t been able to talk to him all week, so we were going to his house yesterday, hoping that he remembered that we were coming and that he hadn`t changed his mind. And when we got to his house, he was ready and waiting outside for us. So great miracle there.
And we had another investigator that said that she would try to come to church yesterday, but we didn't have time to pass for her. But when we got to church, there she was, sitting in the chapel. She came all by herself (after a long night of not being able to sleep for some insomnia thing or something, I'm not exactly sure) but she still came. And it was great. We are going to share with her again tomorrow. But she really is looking to change her life and come unto Christ. Its amazing. and her son is coming to church too and really likes it. So basically lots of prepared people ready to come unto Christ. I love being a missionary.

Last little tid bit of information that I`m sure you all are dying to know...
Since I`ve been in Paraguay I have developed a great liking for limes and coconuts. Just thought I'd let you know.

Love you tons!!! The gospel is true!! The plan of salvation is amazing!! God love us sooo much!!! And families really are the most important thing in all of eternity. So hey, I love you guys kind of a lot!!

 Hermana Urie

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