Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Rats...


Apparently I didn't make it very clear and some people were a bit confused..
when I said that Gustavo and Carlotta were living in our apartment (which they still are by the way, we think we`ll just keep them). Gustavo and Carlotta are RATS, not men. hahaha. But they are too smart to get caught in the rat traps, they eat the food without setting off the trap, so we`re just giving up.

Alright so this weeks email might not be quite as long because I`m sending tons of pictures. But that's okay..

Last week in Paraguay...

I taught a drunk guy the word of wisdom.. I don't think he`s gonna remember it though, so I gave him a sticky note that said "water is of God, beer is of the devil" but in Spanish. I hope he gets something from it...

aaaannddd... I`m out of time.. love you all tons  I will  write a LOT more next week I promise!!!!!!!

hey look! its Argentina!! (from the top of a hill)

me on the cerro lambare (lambare hill)

eating my first Paraguayan mango

my zone!! (last change, sorry i`m super behind on the picture thing..)

puppies!!! (me and my comp.. from last change (Hermana Lossa))

more puppies!!

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