Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference

Alright so, General Conference was AMAZING!! I did not want it to end. Though I guess it wasn't really so much of an ending as it was a 6 month interruption.. haha

So this week has been lots of searching, teaching and working. We had divisions with the Hermanas Lideres Entrenadoras (sister training leaders) and I went with Hna. Whitmer off to the beautiful Fernanado de la Mora and Hna. Murguia stayed here with Hna. Cortez. We learned lots and then decided to really be super diligent the rest of the week, so this week was basically awesome :) 
We`ve been working a lot with our investigator Jose Luis this week. Oh and we figured out that his name is not actually Jose Luis, it`s just Jose. But he wants it to be Jose Luis, so he just tells everyone that that is his name. He`s quite a character. One day last week during a lesson with a member, the member was talking for quite a while, and Jose Luis just started saying the closing prayer. While the member was still talking. We were like "um, hermano... okay" so we all bowed our heads and let him say the prayer, and then we shook their hands, said thanks, and left. Haha awkward. But he came to conference yesterday, to both of the sessions. Showed up all by himself!! So that was basically a miracle. And then between the sessions he saw that the hall and the bathroom were kinda dirty, so he just started cleaning the church building. We were like "Hermano, you don`t have to do that, people come and clean every Saturday." Haha he is super funny! He`s a really good guy, and wants to change his life and is super excited for his baptism! He is still having some problems with the word of wisdom that we are trying to work through but he`s coming along. With Christ and his atonement in our lives, we really can overcome anything. We just have to put our trust and faith in him, and really develop that personal relationship with our Savior.
I love the gospel, I know it is true. 

So... to finish up the rat story. haha.. After we slept at the hermanas` house, the district leader and his comp came over with a member to try and find and.. you know.. dispose of the rat. But they couldn't find it, so they just set up rat poison everywhere and a couple rat traps. And the next few days we didn't see the rat, but we heard it and saw rat poison slowing disappearing, so it was eating it, but not dying (this rat is intelligent and evil and cannot die). And then one day we noticed that the door that goes out to the balcony had a small hole in the bottom of it, and there was a big pile of little pieces of wood next to it. So apparently it got desperate to leave (because we never leave the windows or doors or anything open anymore so that nothing can get in, which also means nothing can get out). So I guess it wanted to leave, and it decided to eat and dig and scratch it's way out.. I told you, this rat is nuts. Anyway, since then we haven`t had any more rat problems :)

Love you tons!!!
Hermana Urie

And here`s the door the rat burrowed through... fun fun

My awesome district (well, from last change, sorry still a little behind on the picture thing..)

My wonderful district (the current one) at the temple!!!!!! 

Temple and palm trees!! (I`m pretty sure Paraguay used to be an ocean or beach or something-- it's the only thing that explains all the palm trees and sand that is everywhere)

Us with the Hermanas Entrenadoras!

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