Monday, April 14, 2014

Scarves and cigarrettes..

So this week has been fun. It`s finally starting to get cold!! yesterday we were FREEZING and wearing our jackets and scarves and stuff. It reminded me of October in Utah :) But today is sunny and hot once again.. very short-lived. But apparently that's how its gonna be for the next 2 months (hot a few days, cold a few days). And let`s be honest, its only really about 50 or 60 degrees, but compared to our 115 that we had from December to March, its pretty cold.

Answering mom`s question about cambios. You are right, it is about time for cambios, but not till next week on Wednesday (and I wont know till that Tuesday) so I won`t be able to tell you about it for 2 more weeks. But I have been here in La Floresta for 3 cambios now, the last 2 of those with Hermana Murguia, so I`m probably leaving and she`s gonna stay another cambio (but you never know). I`ve really come to love the ward here, so it`s gonna be sad to leave when I do. And we`ve been finding tons of awesome people this week that are basically golden, so I kinda wanna stay for them. But that's what happened right before I left Reducto (my first area) as well, so who knows. Igual, no mas. I`d also like to get to know somewhere new though. So I shall go wherever the Lord wants me to go and I shall do it with a smile and a cheerful heart.

So we are working a lot with Jose Luis this week. He`s having some hard trials comin his way. First of all, last week, his sister died. So he left for a couple days to go to her funeral. Apparently all his siblings have passed away now except for one brother, who has Parkinson`s. So we shared a little about the Plan of Salvation, but we didn't go very deep because he was leaving to go to the funeral and we were without a woman so we couldn't have a legit lesson, but we talked to him a little in the street. Then he gave us a pack of cigarrettes to throw away for him. That's happened a couple times the last couple weeks. The first time we caught him with cigarrettes, we made a trade- the cigarrettes for an apple. He agreed, and then later gave the apple to a little kid that was hungry. So good trade overall. Get rid of the cigarrettes and serve a child.
Then yesterday was some more drama. We were on our way to Jose`s house when we found him on the corner. He told us his son was over by his house and that we should go ask his son where Jose (himself) is, and see what he says. So we are like... "um okay, why not.." We went over to his son and his son`s friend and started talking to them. And his son started telling us how they have lots of problems in the family and the problems that he has had with his dad (Jose) in the past because of his drinking and such. We tried to tell him that his dad is changing little by little and that we just have to keep having faith and being there to support him and such. And after a while of us talking, Jose comes up and starts yelling at his son, so his son is basically like "I told you, you cant reason with him" and drives away on his motorcycle. And then we had to calm Jose down and try to reason with him and teach him about Christ and how to forgive and be an example and such. Anyway, crazy family drama. Jose knows all of these things. He knows what will help him and what he needs to do- he just has trouble actually DOING it. Though I guess that's how most of us are. That's probably why we learn the same things over and over again, year after year. We just have to learn to apply what we know. Those are the people that will be blessed and received into heaven (see 3 Nephi 12 or 13, don't remember which. But they are both great, so you could just read them both)

Anyway, I`m out of time. But I love you tons!

Hermana Urie

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