Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hola from Ità, where the crocodiles run free

Hello from Ità!

So I got transferred to a new area and I am now in Ita. It`s kinda like a small town out in the middle of nowhere. I`m not longer in the main city. Ita does have a little "main street" type of area that you would call "downtown" but it very quickly becomes campo (field/out in the middle of nowhere), so we`ve got the best of both worlds here.

Ita is beautiful and I already love it here. They actually have some sort of community clean up system going on here, so the streets are pretty clean and nice- a bit different than I`m used to. Oh and speaking of the streets, there are actually real streets here!! You know, like flat concrete streets with lanes and everything! (once you get to the outskirts of town you go back to the classic rocky roads of Paraguay, but we are usually in the city). It kinda reminds me of the United States. There is also a beautiful little lake thingy (called la laguna) with crocodiles in it!! I`ve only seen one once so far (and don't worry mommy, they are small and there`s a fence that goes all around the lake so they cant get out and DON'T run free- haha, tranquilo`pà :)  ) But we go running around the laguna practically every morning, so its great.

My companion is Hna. Walker. She is from New Jersey and she is amazing!! I love her so much already! But we are probably only going to have 1 cambio together because this is her 4th cambio here already (which will make 6 months here in Ita). She is so loving to all of the people and has such a strong testimony. I really love teaching with her. She is 20 years old, about to turn 21 in May. She is awesome! And other good news... remember Hermana Thacker (one of my companions in the CCM)? She is now in my district!! Super excited about that!

So our investigators here are awesome. There are so many prepared people here, its super exciting! and the members here are all amazing! I already love them so much!

So funny experience last night. We went to a house to teach an investigator, Victor, (the husband of a member). And before he didn't want to know anything about the church, but now his heart is softening and he really wants to follow Christ and go to church and get baptized (and he`s the one that keeps bringing up baptism, not us). So now to the funny part. We were over there to teach a lesson, and they have a parrot. So while we were talking to them, the parrot crawled up onto my shoulder. So I was just teaching with a parrot on my shoulder. haha its paraguay! and then later I felt super sick and almost fainted, so we called a member with a car to come take us home, and I went to bed and woke up in the middle of the night and threw up. So that was fun. Today I still feel a little tired and sick, but its P-day so we are gonna rest a lot. Apparently there is some bug going around. Who knows...

Anyway, I am tired and hungry, so I`m gonna end this now. But I love you all tons!!!!

Love, Hermana Urie

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