Wednesday, April 2, 2014

¡una semana mas!

¡¿Quien esta animado para la conferencia?!  umm.. yo
Seriously, its like a kid at Christmas, i cant wait till Conference!

Anyway, this week...

So the rat story made short..
The rat/mouse we took out in the nightstand actually must have been Gustavo and Carlotta`s baby (named Ruiz :)  ), because we found Carlotta (not as big as the one, but not as small as the other) a few days later running around and making the place hers. Seriously, she ate our bread, Hna. Murguia`s big doughnut (all of this THROUGH the packaging), left her little rat poop everywhere, including on the Books of Mormon, etc. etc. So the night we figured out she was still there, we got all scared and decided to both sleep on the top bunk, just in case.. Then the next night, as Hna. Murguia was washing dishes, the rat ran out from behind the dishes about 2 feet away. She screamed. Loudly.  
Anyway, we tried to scare her to get her to jump out of the window like Gustavo, but she wouldn`t do it! She just kept runnin around the kitchen (with us huddled on the counter with the broom screaming... the neighbors downstairs must love us) until we just got to such a frustrated, emotional state, and something was broken in pieces on the floor, and we had lost the rat when it ran around a corner and had no idea where she had gone in the house. So we decided we couldnt take it anymore, so we grabbed our emergency bags and took a taxi to the Hermana`s house at 10:30 at night and slept there.. yes very dramatic.. anyway, the rest of the rat story next time. I`m out of time..

Sorry there wasn`t much spiritualness this time.. but lots of pics!! We do have an Investigator, Jose Luis, that we are working with a lot right now. He`s basically awesome and totally wants to change his life and get baptized and everything, we just have some word of wisdom problems to work out. He`s super funny and introduces us to ALL of his friends and tells us to share with them. He`s a pretty unique character. 

Anyway, that's all for Hermana Urie`s adventures in Paraguay this week. I promise more spiritual mission stuff next week!! love you tons!!!

Hermana Urie

3. Goodbye to Hermana Lossa :(  (..two months ago.. sorry i`m a little behind on the whole picture thing... :) ..)

Junior`s baptism!! (8 Febrero 2014)

snakes... they were on their way to be sold and eaten.... `nuff said.

Valentines Day!! (left to right: Hna. Cortez(sister training leader on splits with the other hermanas in our ward that day), me, Hna. Hinkson (one of the other hermanas in the ward), and hna. Murguia (my companion!!))

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