Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Casi cambios otra vez!!

Casi cambios otra vez!!

Haha so I legitimately was about to write to you guys in Spanish! haha its fine!
Thanks to all for the birthday wishes! Can`t believe I`m about to turn 20 already!

So this week was fun! Wednesday was Hermana Walker`s birthday, so we had a fun day-- lots of food. We went to this fun Spain restaurant (is that how you spell that?) and it was the most amazing food I had eaten in 10 months. But seriously, the lady there knows how to cook! And we also had cake, sopa paraguaya, and bud├Čn (pudding- but like a different kind of pudding). and something else too, don't remember.
Oh and Wednesday we had a super awesome Noche de Rama (ward night). We played 3-legged soccer. It was fun. We were gettin pretty competitive though. And at one point, me and Hna. Walker were just kinda standing there laughing, and two of the elders (legs tied together) started running past us. And I just had time to notice that one elder went on one side of Hna. walker, and I was wondering where the other one was, and then I realized what was about to happen and was like "oh dang it" and  boom! we went down. They ran on either side of us and their tied together legs swept our feet out from under us. It was a hard fall let me tell you! haha but we were laughing for the next 5 minutes, so all good!

Alright, so know spirituallness stuff.
Yesterday we passed by one of our investigators named Victor. (He`s the one thats waiting for approval to get baptized) He works all during the week, so we only get to teach him Saturdays and Sundays, so yesterday we went, and he is just progressing so much!! I told you at mothers day that his story is just a miracle, and it seriously is! So he`s been reading a lot of the Gospel Principles book at his work whenever he has extra time, and his wife has already been a member for a few years, so when he has questions he can always ask her and just is learning a ton! And yesterday he told us that he FINISHED the book. Its like 200 pages of straight-up doctrine and commandments and he just read it in less than 2 weeks, and he totally understands it all! He gets really excited for when we come because he loves sharing what he`s learning and asking us questions to learn more. Some of the things he`s learning and understanding I`ve just been learning about myself here in the mission! And he`s just so excited to learn more! I love going and talking to him and Catalina (his wife) because the spirit is just so strong! Me and Hna. Walker were talking about it, and we decided we aren`t really doing much, he`s learning and changing all himself!! and we are really just grateful that God has blessed us by letting us witness this miracle. I know there are lots more miracles to come, but even if I didn`t see another miracle in my whole mission, just this one is worth the 18 months. I really have never seen a bigger miracle of a conversion in my entire life. Its like a Book of Mormon story! Now we are just waiting to figure out when his baptism will be (which he is SO excited for), the whole process is just having a hard time getting started trying to coordinate with different leaders and such. But it's coming along, and we have no doubt he will be baptized!!! That will be a wonderful moment!

Alright out of time! But I love you tons!! I`ll let you know next Monday if I got transferred or not (cambios are this Wednesday!! -- Time is just flying so fast!!)
Les quiero demasiado! Chao!
Hermana Urie

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