Thursday, June 19, 2014

Zone Conference

Hola mi familia!!

So before I forget.... HAPPY FATHER`S DAY DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you SO much!!!!!! and I am so thankful for everything you do for me and for everything you`ve taught me and everything!! I love you!!!!!!!! And also, happy fathers day scott and taylor!!!!!!!! (and any other fathers that may read this as well.) you are wonderful fathers and your children are the most adorable things in the world!!

So this week was pretty great. Thursday we had a Zone Conference in the mission offices with 3 of the zones here in the mission. (we have these special, big zone conferences about every 3 months.) And we learned a LOT!! There are a ton of things that I need to work on and improve, but that's what these things are for right. To show us our weaknesses and help us make them strong (see Ether 12:27) But there are two things that really stuck out to me in the zone conference that I want to share..

First. The atonement is for everyone. and I mean EVERYONE. Christ came to the world and suffered the sins of ALL. He has the power to save and forgive and heal ALL. It doesn't matter if the person is a friend at school, if its a single mom trying to support her family, if its the wayward young man who has made some mistakes, or if its your sweet little grandma. God doesnt make exceptions of persons. Every single person here, regardless of their situation is a child of God and needs at least the opportunity to hear the healing truth of the gospel and the atonement. And how will they hear that? Only if we share it. We don't have the power to judge and say, "no, I wont invite that friend/co-worker to church/read the Book of Mormon, because he`s not going to accept it." We cannot know if someone will accept unless we offer. I have seen miracles here in Paraguay. I have seen people quit addictions like smoking and drinking. I have seen people who are depressed find solace and comfort in the Book of Mormon and prayer. I have seen people who have nothing- a mother with a newborn baby and 2 more children, no job, no money, no food- and yet she still looks to serve others who are "less fortunate", prays and thanks God for her blessings every single day, and trusts that he will carry them through. I have seen a man who once was in jail for a very significant crime repent fully, and come unto Christ, making the gospel the absolute center of his life and his family and dedicating everything to gospel of Christ. The greatest conversion I have ever seen... The point is, anyone can change. And we do not know who will accept and who wont, but we must at least do OUR part. It is our responsibility to share the message of the atonement of Jesus Christ with everyone and anyone who will listen.

So I`m out of time and won't be able to get to that second thing I learned- maybe next week if I have time. But really, I exhort ALL of you, anyone who is reading this: Do something THIS week, TODAY, and invite someone you know to learn more about the gospel and the atonement of Christ, whether that be inviting them to church or an activity, giving away a Book of Mormon with your testimony written in the back, or whatever it may be. Invite someone to come unto Christ today.

I love you all so much!!! You are amazing!!! Read your scriptures!!!!!!! Yes, I realize I am a dorky missionary... but lets be honest, that's why you love me.

Love you so much!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Urie

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