Tuesday, June 10, 2014



So I`m still in Ita (yay!!!! because I LOVE it here!!), and I have a new companion, who is amazing!! but it was still really sad when I had to say goodbye to Hna. Walker. When we have changes, all the missionaries that are tranfering meet in the "terminal", basically the bus (collectivo) station in Asuncion. So that's where we said goodbye. It was the first time I`ve cried in the terminal in the transfers. But it was funny because the elder who was directing all the taxis and everything came up to give us our intrucctions and felt super awkward when he saw me crying. So that was an upside.

Anyway, I`m loving it here in Ita! its beautiful. We are trying to find new investigators because we`re kinda stuck with a lot of the ones we have right now. We love them more than anything and they are amazing, but they aren't keeping their commitments (reading the book of mormon, praying, going to church, etc.) so we`re gonna have to leave some of them if they wont start keeping commitments and progressing.. Really sad though sometimes...

But on a happier note... A few days ago (on my new companion`s birthday- June 5th), we saw a HUGE tarantula (no idea how to spell that- but the big hairy ugly spiders) and I almost walked on it. So we were staring at it, freaking out, and wishing we had our cameras. and then the guy who lived in the house we were in front of walked up and was like "what? what is it?" and we were like "es una araƱa grandote!!" (its a huge spider!) and he just laughed, walked up, and stepped on it. no warning. it was disgusting.

So no time for more, but love you all a TON!!! good luck in all your crazy endeavors!!!

Hermana Urie

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