Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kind of Whitewashing

Hello mi familia!!

So I realize I haven`t updated much on the new area, sorry about that, this change started out a bit rough and things have been a little crazy!

So I got here to Villa Elisa and we basically had no investigators whatsoever. The investigators the missionaries were working with before weren't progressing or going to church or anything, so it was like we were whitewashing the area (when both the companions are new to the area) and starting from scratch when I got here, but with the advantage that my comp already knows the streets and the members, so that's nice. So the first couple weeks were a bit hard trying to find new people to teach, but we have some great investigators now that we are working with.

One of our investigators, Christian (15 years old), we contacted my second day here and he came to church that Sunday- miracle! The problem is it is super difficult to teach him because we cant teach guys if there isn't a woman, and we cant find anyone to go with us during the week in the night (which is when he is home). So he`s come to church and the elder`s baptism and everything, but we`ve only taught him twice. And both times were interesting... the first time he was super ADD and we couldn't get him to focus and understand what we were teaching. Aaand afterward we figured out that the father of the young woman that we chose to bring with us had an affair with our investigator`s mom a couple years back.... what are the chances?! oops... awkward...
And the second lesson wasn't much better. We brought a member (a sister from relief society this time), but I think she got a little excited and started talking a little bit about everything in the church. We were going to focus on baptism and the priesthood, but we went a little off into Joseph Smith, the plan of salvation, temples, the spirit world, bugs nibbling at the spirits of those who didn't get baptized in this life (don't ask, just... don't ask), baptisms for the dead, callings in the church... etc.etc. I think we left him with more questions than we answered. Just remember, when you share the gospel, it`s "line upon line, precept upon precept"-- basically little by little, be super simple, don't scare them. But he came back to church the next day, so I guess the Lord is taking care of him.

We also have some other new investigators. They haven't been able to come to church yet, but this next week we are hoping that they will. One is a mother, Liz, and her daughter, Janny. They are super prepared! Every time we share with them from the first time we clapped at their house (remember we don't knock, we clap here in Paraguay), the Spirit has been so strong. We can tell Liz has had a lot of trials in her life that have brought her closer to Christ. And after we shared the story of the Restoration, I asked her how she felt as she heard it, and she said she felt hope. They are amazing and totally going to come to church this week (pray!) and going to get baptized and go to the celestial kingdom!! Well thats what I`m hoping for anyway.

Well that's about it for this week. Love you all and I hope everything is going great!!! Chao!

Hermana Urie

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