Monday, August 11, 2014

One Year in the Mission!!

So not much new stuff this week. We`re still working with investigators, trying to help them progress. So Christian (our investigator that was coming to church) has stopped coming to church but comes to the activities on Wednesday and the baptisms on Saturday, so we aren`t quite sure what is going on there, but we`ll figure it out! And we`re finding some new people, but really not much to report in the way of investigators this week. Probably because this week has been a bit crazy and we haven't had tons of time out teaching..

Tuesday and Friday were great because we had the whole day to work and we worked hard! but Wednesday we had a Zone Training Meeting in the morning. And then in the afternoon we had to go to Asuncion because my back is having issues. So we talked to the doctor about going to a chiropractor and adjusting my back, but he said he wanted me to try some exercises first... so that's what I`ve been doing for the last week, but my back has started hurting more since I started the exercises, so we`ll see! I have a check up appointment this week so hopefully this time he will send me to a chiropractor! haha
And then Thursday we had divisions and I went to Fernando de la Mora for the day! They had a baptismal interview for a super awesome investigator who got baptized Saturday!
And Saturday the other Hermanas in our district had a baptism and we brought our investigator (Christian) to that. And then Sunday we weren't feeling well, so basically a week of craziness.

Sorry it`s so short but that`s about it for this week!! Love you all!!! (even though you went to California without me... haha just kidding! :)
Have a great week!!!

Hermana Urie

Back in Zona 4!

In the same zone as Hermana Mills!!! (one of my comps from the MTC)

Me and my current companion (Hna. Valle).. and our zone leaders

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