Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Great People

So we are finding some great people here in Villa Elisa!! We`ve started teaching these 2 teenage sisters that are super chulina!! (I means cute, but I think it's just a Paraguay word, not a regular Spanish thing). They couldn't come to church yesterday because they were traveling out to the campaƱa (middle of nowhere) for their grandfathers birthday, but this week si o si!! Also we have another investigator, Rosa, that is super interested. She`s not sure yet if the church is true but she understands super well and wants to learn more, so we`re helping her out.
Oh and Cristian.. Well he came to church yesterday. He seems to like coming to church, but he`s got a LOT of opposition from his family and he doesn't quite seem to understand the apostacy and restoration, so he doesn't understand why he needs to be baptized again or how our church is different from all the rest. We`ve taught him that like 3 times already, so now we`re looking for a different approach to teach him (if we can ever find a woman to go with us, because we cant teach guys alone)... we`re basically just putting him into the Lord`s hands and praying that everything will work out..

Well that`s about it for this week! Hope you all had fun in Cali and the cousin sleepover! Happy first birthday Emma!!!
Love you!
Hermana Urie

p.s. mom asked about changes, it's true they are coming up! in 9 days, so I`ll let you know in 2 weeks what happened!!

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