Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fire Overreaction

Hey, got the package thanks!!! I am so super stoked for smores you have no idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So funny story. This week we were teaching a lesson to some kids (super cute kids- they are getting baptized si o si). And we were trying to draw out the Plan of Salvacion with them, but there was lots of smoke (we usually teach lessons outside in the yard because inside is way too hot). So we look and there is a fire in the field across the street. Then a tree caught on fire and we were like "oh my gosh! should we do something?" But all the neighbors were just standing there super chill and a couple guys throwing buckets of water on the fire. And we`re like "isn't someone going to call the fire department?" so we called. And by the time they arrived the neighbors had already put out the fire. Haha oops... sorry if we overreacted a little bit..

So this week we had a Regional Conference and Elder Bednar spoke which was super amazing. He talked about repentance. And it was interesting because in another one of his talks that we read recently he said that someone can do all the steps of repentance (recognize, confess, ask forgiveness, not do it again, etc) without actually repenting. If in the process of repentance we forget that we have to come unto CHRIST, then our repentance wasn't real. And yesterday he was saying how the most important part of repentance is just that-- come unto Christ. Repentance has two parts: 1. Come unto Christ, and 2. Leave behind your sins. And many times, we think we have to leave behind our sins BEFORE we can come unto Christ, before we can come back to church, before we can read our scriptures or say our prayers. But thats backwards. We have to FIRST come unto Christ. And then he gives us the STRENGTH to overcome our weaknesses.

Sorry out of time! I love you all!! I think you are amazing!! Keep sharing the gospel and serving others!!!

Hermana Urie

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