Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Flocks

So this week was basically amazing! We had changes! I`m still in Villa Elisa, but I have a new companion, Hermana Rios. She is from Montana, but her dad is from Puerto Rico, so technically she`s half Latina, but she`s super blonde so you`d never guess! She is basically amazing. Seriously, I`m pretty sure I`ve got the best comp in the mission, no joke! She loves missionary work, she loves the people, she works hard, she teaches well and the spirit is always so strong when she testifies. Basically she`s like super missionary. She`s only got 3 months left of her mission (2 changes), and I am hoping and praying that we stay together both of those changes! (if not, that would mean I go to my FIFTH area... I would really like to have more than 2 changes in an area sometime!) But igual no mas, I will go wherever the Lord wants me to go! Oh, and also, Hermana Rios and I had the same mom/trainer!! (Hna. Espinoza trained her right before she trained me)

So missionary work basically exploded this week. We are working hard and finding a ton of people that are super prepared and ready for the gospel! All we need now is lots and lots of help from the members and err`one here`s gonna get baptized!!

So I don't have lots of time this week, but I wanna share a scripture. It`s Alma 17:31 (and 32-33). I don't have my scriptures with me, but its when the flocks of the King Lamoni (?) are scattered and Ammon and the servants...recogerles.... gather them (sorry forget how to say that in English for a second). So I was thinking about how the sheep/flocks are like less actives (and basically all of God`s children), who are scattered and lost for a bit when temptations and struggles and trials (or the Lamanites) come along. And we are like the servants of the king whose responsibility it is to go get them and bring them back and protect them. I`ve also been thinking a lot about home teaching and visiting teaching lately and basically decided that it is the KEY to continued activity and excitement for missionary work in church members. So everyone do your visiting and home teaching because it really does exist with the purpose of saving souls and strengthen each other!! So if you do not yet have a testimony of this inspired program, I invite you to spend some personal time this week to study the doctrine and principle and application of it (why do we do it, what is it, and how should we do it), and pray about it, and then apply it in your life.

So the fun story of this week... We taught a pastor!! of an evangelica church! We had set up an appointment with a contact, so we were going back to teach him and we walk in on the guy and his wife sharing with a pastor and a missionary. So we totally crashed that party- awkward!! and at the end they did a blessing of health with vinegar or something... even more awkward... But we taught the Restoration and invited them to church.

Well out of time, but love you guys!! talk to you next week!!
Love, Hermana Urie

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