Tuesday, September 23, 2014

12 DIAS!!!!!!!!!!


I am so excited. But seriously, its gonna be amazing. Invite your family, invite your friends, because we`re gonna go listen to the prophet! We`re telling our investigators about it and trying to get them excited to come! And we are also probably going to have a baptism that day!
So remember Diana and her family? Well She came to church again yesterday, this time with all 6 of her kids! And her soon to be husband is planning on coming with them next week! Last Monday, we taught Diana about family prayer and how important it is, and the next time we passed by to see her, all her kids knew how to pray and were super excited to pray for the lesson. They are so adorable! I just love how whenever we teach Diana something, she`s so diligent and quick to put it into practice and learn. She has a strong testimony of prayer, and she loves to read the Book of Mormon, and she loves church! and her family really is already receiving so many blessing from the gospel, and we just found her 2 weeks ago! Its a miracle!! Now we`ve just gotta teach the guy! We already taught Diana about how they need to get married before they can get baptized, so we`ve just gotta set a date and plan a wedding! My first wedding in the mission!!! and my companion`s first as well, so we don't really know what to do, but that's okay, we`ll figure it out and send ya pictures! Tonight we`re planning to have FHE with them- no bake cookies and mormon messages! They are just adorable!

Also this week, we had a big Zone Conference in Asuncion with a couple other zones. It was fun. We sang the words of "Oh my Father" (in Spanish) to the tune of Come Thou Fount. And me and Hna. Mills and an elder did a fun trio thing for one verse, and the rest of the zone for the rest of the song, and it turned out really pretty. One thing that I loved that we talked about was the talk by Elder Utchdorf last general conference about gratitude- being grateful in any circumstance, and I just love that talk! Gratitude really is the key to happiness and peace in our lives, especially when we are going through hard times. And something that I love that he says is that gratitude is the catalyst to all Christ-like attributes. It helps us to be humble and love others, and to have hope and faith. And there are too many to list, but those are some of my favorites.

So I hope everything is going well with Elizabeth and the babies!! I know I`m super far away and I feel practically in a different world from you guys, but I`m still fasting and praying with the rest of you! I love you all and hope everything goes well!! Keep me updated on the twins!!

I think that`s about it for this week!! Love you!! Talk to you next week!!
Love, Hermana Urie

The view from our front door (beautiful foggy morning after raining all night long)

the view from our balcony (same morning)

Me, Hna. Rios, Hna. Kimball, and Hna. Tanner (yay, divisiones with Sister training leaders- super fun)

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