Friday, September 19, 2014

Liver, Heart & Intestines

Hey fam!

So this week was great!

Diana came to church yesterday!!!!!!! and 4 of her kids!! (if you don't remember who Diana is, look at last weeks email.) Her husband couldn't come because he had to stay and watch the house, BUT this week they are going to make arrangements so that the whole family can come to church! they are amazing and super excited! Diana is reading the Book of Mormon and receiving answers to her prayers and just loving it all! We`re planning to do a Family Home Evening with them this week, so they are basically just adorable and we love them.

So this week we`ve been working a lot with a new investigator. Her name is Patricia. The first time we found her and taught her she was a bit.. not really drunk, but she had been drinking a fair amount. She`s an alcoholic (but super calm, not dangerous or mean or anything.) But she was really nice and said she wanted to improve her life and stuff, and afterward my comp was like, "she`s really good, we`ve gotta come back for her!" so we did. And she was right-  Patricia is amazing. So we taught her about the word of wisdom and repentance and baptism and stuff, so she`s started quitting drinking. She went 3 whole days without drinking ANYTHING!! Yesterday she did have a slight relapse, but we`re gonna go back tonight and help her keep going and setting goals and stuff. She has enough faith and love in God, and is so ready for the gospel in her life. It`s gonna be hard, but we know that she has the strength and the will to do it!!

We also decided, to try and understand a little more, we`re going to make sacrifices of our own. We are giving up chocolate. Yes, I did just say that. We decided Friday. So Friday for lunch, we ate tons of chocolate and finished the s`mores that mom sent (amazingly delicious by the way, thanks!) and now nothin more until Patricia gets baptized! Its been 3 days so far. only.... at least 3 weeks (maybe longer) to go!!

Other random fun things:
Last Thursday, Patricia invited us to eat lunch with her and we had rice, potatoes, and liver. So far here in Paraguay I`ve eaten: liver twice, heart of something (chicken maybe? don't remember), cow intestines, and I`m not even sure what else.
Also this week we have a big multi zone conference, and our zone is doing the special music number, so the zone leaders put me and Hna. Mills in charge (one of my comps from the MTC, sings really good, is in my old area La Floresta, same zone as Villa Elisa). So we had lots of fun with that! I love singing, I miss music!

And thats it for this week!! Well I love you all! Hope you are doing great!! Have a great week!
Love, Hermana Urie

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