Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Family

Hola familia!

so this week was pretty awesome! We found a new family (almost-we haven't met the father yet but we`re planning to this week). And they are amazing! The mom is Diana and she has 6 kids. They are super ready for the gospel! they will need to get married to get baptized, but she said they`re thinking about it anyway, so we totally might have a wedding this month! I really hope so-- I haven't had a wedding yet in the mish. The only thing is, they did not come to church this week. They said they definitely were going to come, but then they didn't :( Her doubt about coming to church is that they are kinda scared to leave their house unattended for very long, becuase they live in an asentamiento ( idea what that means in English because we don't really have them in the states... it`s basically the poorer areas of Paraguay that aren't an official "neighboorhood or community" yet. There are lots of small wooden "houses/shacks" and the streets aren't legit streets so they dont have names or anything. At some point I will take a picture and send it to you because asentamientos are like my favorite part of Paraguay! I just haven't done it yet because I`m a little nervous about taking my camera there because if someone sees it we may get robbed...). So yeah, they live there and there house isn't very secure- its pretty open, so they think if they leave it alone someone will go in and rob them... which is quite possible in an asentamiento... or Paraguay in general.. but we taught her about faith in God and told her that God would protect her house while she went to church. So we`re gonna work on that this week. (don't worry mom, I have not yet been robbed on my mission, God protects his missionaries! :)

We are also working a lot with another family, Alcides and Elida (and their 2 kids) who are amazing!! Alcides already has his answer and wants to get baptized! They also were going to come to church this week but didn't because when Elida told her super catholic sister that they were sharing with us and planning on going to church, her sister kinda freaked and almost disowned her from the family... So we`re workin on that... pray for them.

Nothing else besides that. Random, out of nowhere, super hard rainstorm on Thursday morning. By the afternoon it was nice and hot again. You gotta love the weather here in Paraguay (by the way we had like 1 month of cold, and its already super hot again. This summer is gonna kill me.)

Love you all!! Have a good week :) and read the scriptures! err`day!
Hermana Urie

Me and my new comp.! Hna. Rios!

My district (last cambio)

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