Friday, October 4, 2013

First Week in the Field..

Alright so I have a ton of awesome things I seen here that I want to tell you about and basically no time to tell them. So to sum it all up in one paragraph:
Paraguayans are awesome and so, so nice, but I can`t understand their accent AT ALL. One man told me I`m going to be fat in 6 months, which wouldn`t surprise me considering I`ve basically only eaten meat and bread since getting here. I saw a HUGE frog on the street; I see chickens and cows on the street; and I saw a dog dying with its blood and guts all over the street. So pleasant experiences overall. It`s absolutely gorgeous here. Everything is so green, the dirt is red, and the houses are colorful. The kids all love me because I`m American, but a couple of them call me elder, and one of the Paraguayan women accidentally called me elder as well. What is this?! do i just have a manly face or something? Empanadas are amazing. I haven`t had to eat anything very strange yet. I`m exhausted all the time and keep falling asleep during lessons, but hopefully when I start understanding better my mind won`t wander and that will happen less. I accidentally said "no tengo hombre" instead of "no tengo hambre" ("I don`t have man", instead of "I`m not hungry"... oops..). On Friday, we got lost for a while. My area is called Reducto. My compaƱera is from Peru, but speaks English pretty well. She`s been here for a little over one year.
Oh, and we met a midget. So overall crazy fun.

We have one investigator with a baptism date in a couple weeks, and we`re starting to teach a couple other people. We whitewashed the area (meaning there were no sisters, and we`re replacing elders in this area, so we`re both new to Reducto). So we`re still trying to get to know the ward and the neighborhood and find people to teach, but it`s coming along. Well time is up, so I got to go.

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