Monday, October 21, 2013

One Month In!

So again, no time. but I will tell some stories.

I got attacked by a dog in the street last week. I don´t know if I´ve told you yet, but there are tons of dogs here in Paraguay, who knows how many of them actually belong to people, But seriously they are everywhere on the streets and almost everyone has at least one. So last week my companion got bit by a dog, and so the next day we´´re walking down the street and a dog is following us and barking, so I turn to snap at it and try to get it to go away, and then I see someone pointing behind me. So I start turning to see what it is, and this huge dog is suddenly right there and tries to bite me. It didn´t get me but it got my dress so there is this huge hole in my favorite dress, and a bruise on my leg.. but no bite!! yay! the lord is protecting us! anyway, I´m hoping that's the only time I get attacked by a dog.
We got a lot of new investigators this week! hopefully they will actually read the book of mormon and pray. That´s the hardest thing- getting people to keep commitments. If they would do that, I know so many of them would gain a testimony and understand the beauty of the gospel and want to come. It´s just getting them to take that first step.
Anyway, out of time, and I´m sorry i didn´t send any pictures, I forgot my cord. But next week for sure! I also forgot my list of things I wanted to email about, so I can´t remember anything that happened this week. And I´ll start sending letters that will be longer, I promise!! I love you all so much!

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