Thursday, October 10, 2013

Week 2 in Paraguay

I have like no time again, so this is gonna be very short and sweet.

The members here (at least many of them) are amazing! There´s a family with 4 teenages kids 15-19 years old, and they are all planning on missions and so excited and already sharing the gospel with their friends. They are so energetic and love talking to us. All the members are so helpful. And the people here in Paraguay are such a beautiful people!! And so amable.. friendly, sorry. So the good thing is: everyone will talk to us. The bad thing is... everyone will talk to us.. even when they aren´t at all interested or open to our message. So we spend a lot of time talking to people who end up refusing to accept anything we say, but they are usually very nice about rejecting us, so I guess that´s good.
Also, we found a girl this week on the street, and she wants to be baptized! She´s already gone to church many times and learned quite a bit, she just couldn´t get baptized before because she was underage and her father wouldn´t give her permission, but now she is 22 and can decide for herself so her baptism is hopefully going to be this saturday!! (fingers crossed that it all works out!) This will be my first investigator to get baptized! Can´t wait. She´s adorable, I´m so happy for her!

Also, one of my favorite things about Paraguay is how we clap at people´s houses. No knocking (well, usually), just standing at their gate and clapping for them. I love it. I think I´m going to continue doing that when I come home and see if it works... probably won´t, but I will still try. Oh, and I want to get a motorcyle. Everyone here rides motorcycles and I now want one. Oh, haha, and riding the colectivo is a wonderful experience that everyone should have. It´s the bus system here. It´s nice because there are no bus stops. You just stick your arm out like a hitchhiker and they always stop and pick you up and drop you off wherever along the street. However, to keep the system fast, they don´t come to much of a stop like ever. It´s not unusual to be half way on or off the bus and it will start moving again. A bit frightening but you get used to it. And they don´t mind packing the people in either. But yeah, its fun.

I have no more time, but I just want to say that Conference was freaking AMAZING!! And yes, I actually stayed awake for the whole thing! It was so great! If anyone missed any of the sessions or talks, go back and watch them ahora! (now!) Seriously.

Well I love you all! Have a good week! Talk to you soon!!

Hermana Urie

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