Saturday, October 19, 2013

Week 3 in Paraguay

Alright, again no time.
Conference was amazing and we got to watch it ALL in ENGLISH!! YAY!! and the Relief society session too!
Quickly before i forget.... Dad, happy birthday 3 weeks ago!! I always remembered like an hour after we finished emailing! Teresa happy birthday next Sunday!! and Catherine happy birthday the next week!! love you all, you are amazing.
We had the first baptism Saturday!! She was late, and I was totally like "no! she´s not going to come!" but she did. She really has been a miracle. She´s so ready and excited. We were teaching her her last lesson before baptism and she was like, "why didn´t you guys come a year ago? I´ve been waiting for you." (because she wanted to get baptized before but her dad wouldn´t let her and then she has to change some things in her life, but she did and has been waiting for missionaries to come ever since) I am so excited for her! She´s already learned so much. It´s really a miracle.
We also had our first Paraguayan rainstorm! yay! it was (mostly) in the morning so we didn't have to work in it, but its been muddy ever since and continues to rain off and on. Sorry i haven´t sent any pictures, i promise i will next week first thing!
 I´m out of time but i love you more than anything!! Have a great week!!

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