Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Month #2 in the Field

Alright, month #2 in the field begins.

This week had ups and downs. Overall it was great. I can finally understand most of what the people say (the more gospel related the easier to understand, but the rest is getting better too), but talking is still pretty dificult. It´s okay, I´m getting better.

So last Saturday we had a service project- cleaning a river. Awesome right? well basically we just picked up garbage and leaves and stuff on the bank of the river, cleared lots of dead branches, and cut down a couple trees with machetes. And yes, I did use help with that last part. I´ll send pictures of that next week :)
There were tons of missionaries there. It was weird seeing all of them in jeans and t-shirts instead of skirts and suits. And it was weird to wear jeans. Haven´t done that for a while.

Also last Saturday we were supposed to have a baptism (Deisy´s sister Liz) pero right before her baptismal interview she changed her mind because she was unsure. Later she told us she feels like everything is moving too fast and she wants to know more about the church. She really likes the church and the book of mormon and everything we´re teaching her and says she knows it´s true, but just doesn´t want to get baptized yet. As she was telling us this and a few of her other concerns, I was just so sad because I know she knows its true and that it can help her so much, she just doesn´t realize how great of a blessing this can be in her life yet. But we´re going to keep teaching her, and we set another baptismal date for November 9 in 2 weeks, so hopefully by then she´ll be able to resolve all her doubts and know for sure that this is the true church and be excited for her baptism.fingers crossed! And she came to church Sunday so that´s wonderful. We actually had 3 investigators come to church this Sunday! So exciting!

So no more exciting dog stories this week, but I do have another wonderful story I think you will enjoy. So to preface this.. aqui in Paraguay, the personas greet each other either with a handshake or the whole cheek to cheek thing on both sides/kiss on each cheek (you know what I´m referring to-hard to explain in writing). As sister missionaries, we only do the cheek thing with women and handshakes with men. so now to my story. A couple Sundays ago we were at church. In our ward we have us and a companionship of elders serving. The elders have an investigator, a man about.. 40 or 50 years old, not really sure. Well, he likes to drink, and this particular Sunday he was slightly, a little bit.. yeah. So we walk up to greet the people (because you greet everyone here that you pass whether you know them or not because otherwise its just rude- it takes like 5 minutes for everyone to greet everyone else at the beginning of activities), and this investigator shakes my companions hand. Then i put out my hand to shake his. He grabs my hand with one hand and my shoulder with the other, pulls me in and kisses me on the cheek. The elder hurried and grabbed him and pulled him off and I was just flustered and walked away. Then I heard Elder Nelson saying "Don´t do that. Don´t ever do that, okay?" Later we were talking and he said he thought the guy kissed me on the lips and he was like "I'm sorry, I am so sorry!" haha, it was hilarious.

Anyway, I can´t remember anything else right now. I´ll write more about my exciting Paraguay life next week. I love you all! Keep writing me!! Be safe!

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